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provides services for the treatment of aesthetic, deformity and functional disorders, both congenital and acquired. They respond to aesthetic procedures such as facial deformities, cleft lip and palate in children, deformities of the jaw and facial bones, aesthetic operations of the breast, as well as genital organ deformities, reconstruction of severed limbs.

Operations for Breast Aesthetic (Reduction, Enlargement and Lift)

Breast form and height have a lot of effect on women's everyday lives. Breast cosmetic practices such as breast augmentation, reduction and lifting can be divided into three names. As well as posture disorders and back pain, excessively large breasts can cause cosmetic issues. For different reasons, small or sagging breasts can annoy the individual aesthetically and negatively affect psychology.

Operations for Fat Reduction (Liposuction)

An aesthetic problem occurs from fat waste, which is found in some areas of the body and called regional lubrication. Via liposuction, this extra fat may be extracted from the body. Liposuction is applied by cannulas by vacuuming the fat tissues, which are rendered more elastic by different techniques. Liposuction is not a technique for dropping weight. In this respect, before the procedure, it is necessary for the individual to have an ideal weight.

Facial Lift Operations

Periodontological procedures are used for washing the tartar, cleaning the root surfaces of the teeth, surgical incisions and scraping gum recesses. In addition, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as gum tissue disorders around the implant, gum bleeding, tooth irritation and bad breathing are done in the periodontology section.

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