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Each department of Pediatrics addresses a variety of issues and diseases in children and infants. The sub-specialties are listed as follows:

Pediatric cardiology

The Department of Pediatrics treats cardiac problems in infants.


Babies are treated with neonatology. It deals with risks in babies

Pediatric oncology/hematology

cancer is another big concern affecting an infant. Pediatric oncology can identify and treat cancer in children.

Pediatric surgery

If the infant wants to undergo surgery, the Pediatric Surgery Department will take care of it.

Intensive care

Pediatric intensive care meets the needs of the child for emergency services.

Pediatric infections

bacterial, fungal, viral infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated with pediatric infectious medications.

Adolescent Medicines

A teenage transformation can be a struggle for a girl. This department discusses the numerous physical and emotional challenges encountered during this transformative period.

Pediatric Pulmonology

Pediatric pulmonology is known as pediatric pulmonology in children's respiratory systems

Pediatric Palliative Care

This sub-specialty of pediatrics helps children and their families handle the emotional and physical demands of a deadly illness.

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