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Cancer Treatment



Cancer Treatment

The kinds of treatment you undergo will depend on the type of cancer you have and how severe it is. Any patients with cancer will be given just one medication. But most patients have a variety of therapies, such as chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. You have a lot to read about and think about when you need cancer care. It's natural to feel exhausted and confused. But, speak to the doctor and learn about the kinds of medication you are getting. Perhaps it will make you feel more in control.

Surgery Procedures

Surgery is a procedure where a surgeon extracts tumors from the body as it is done to cure cancer.

Therapy with Radiation

Radiation therapy is a method of cancer treatment that destroys cancer cells and shrinks tumors using large doses of radiation.


A method of cancer treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells is chemotherapy.

Treating Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a kind of treatment for cancer that helps combat cancer in the immune system.

Targeted Therapy

A method of cancer treatment that targets the changes in cancer cells that make them develop, differentiate, and spread is targeted therapy.

Treatment with Hormones

Hormone therapy is a therapy that delays or prevents the development of cancers of the breast and prostate that develop using hormones.

Transplant Stem Cell

Stem cell transplants in cancer patients that have been killed by extremely large doses of chemotherapy or radiation treatment are treatments that recover blood-forming stem cells.

Medicine with Accuracy

Precision medicine lets physicians pick medications that, based on a genetic interpretation of their condition, are more likely to benefit patients. Find more about the cancer treatment types, side effects exist, which ones is suitable for you, and more from our experts.

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