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In many places, in vitro fertilization facilities are given in our hospitals, from general diagnosis and care services related to obstetrics and gynecology, menopause and osteoporosis, contraceptive control, follow-up of risky and natural pregnancies, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological cancers.

Services for General Gynecology

Women of all ages are provided with outpatient clinic services from puberty to menopause, where all health issues are diagnosed and treated and regular controls and preventive medicine procedures are carried out successfully.


In the community framework of our examination, the Obstetrics primarily cause pelvic pain, menstrual disturbances, ultrasound examination for early diagnosis of gynecological disease, PAP-smear test, colposcopy and normal gynecological infections conducted in the outpatient clinic of all our hospitals.

Giving birth

At our Clinics, we consider taking care of all our babies as well as our mothers as part of our programs during the follow-up process.

Services are delivered by a staff of physicians and nurses in our clinics who deliver the treatment our babies deserve with their experience and kindness. Babies are under clinical supervision after birth as well as before they are born with our Obstetrics and Pediatrics Polyclinic facilities.

Follow-up on Gynecological Oncology

Gynecological tumors, malignant formations that pose a high risk to the reproductive organs are studied in depth and both surgical and medicinal procedures are applied.

IVF Service

It produces the faces of couples with a deep-rooted past and seasoned doctors who wish to have a boy. IVF, microinjection, embryo freezing and surgical search for sperm are conducted within the framework of assisted reproductive techniques, particularly conventional treatments of male and female infertility.

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